Staff Optimisation

One of the greatest challenges a Restaurant or Cafe operator will face is sufficient labour management. With minimum wages and health care costs increasing, it is more important than ever to maintain staff performance systems and efficiency that will help keep labour costs on track.

From staff hiring and training to monitoring. And with 28 years Industry experience, my aim is to provide a comprehensive productivity assessment to analyse staff levels and implement best practices that optimise operations and help reduce one of your greatest expenses.

Specialising in CBD location techniques that minimise staff levels to suit a short window lunch trade, saving thousands Per Annum. Copper Pantry provides on-site workflow analysis of food preparation, service and storage. With emphasis on efficiency, communication, hygiene and cost control.

Providing key tips for hiring and maintaining the ” right ” staff, Copper Pantry can implement practices and prepare a clear vision that will allow you to surround yourself with a close team who will aspire to improve practices and reward your leadership. Copper Pantry can help prepare you for long-term success.

Key points

  • Labour efficiency, reducing associated costs.
  • Staffing systems, maintaining standards and productivity assessment.
  • Hiring and training techniques.
  • CBD location specialists (short window of trade ).
  • Communication, storage, waste and hygiene assessment.
  • Staff turnover reduction techniques.
  • Practical incentives for longevity from key staff members.

Intimate guidance and vision enabling clarity to grow.