I have gone on to open Three ‘The Patch’ food stores in the Sydney CBD since I first consulted with Sean at Copper Pantry.

His no-nonsense approach and straight to the point facts, are a real wake up call, for what is truly required to succeed, let alone survive in this industry. His attention to detail is incredible.

Thank you Sean.

– Ayman Tadros

I saved myself tens of thousands if not my home had I gone it alone. Thank you Sean you are a great teacher and your handling of any staff training or staffing concerns were a real master class.

– Jessica Wu, World Square

My Wife and I met Sean by chance at a maternity ward after the birth of our son and I had just purchased a food business (my first). Sean’s immediate instinct was one of concern and over the next month or so Sean was an open book and very generous with ideas, guidance, priceless information and formulas which really prepared us for future problems that arose. As he had predicted.

So we were well prepared to deal with all of these issues. I would have no hesitation in recommending or using Sean’s services again.

– Rouby and Nora Sidarous

Following my instincts was not enough and working with Sean at Copper Pantry I had a rude awakening but a crucial one. I am glad I did have enough sense to follow my instinct to reach out for answers. Thank you so much for the care and guidance, you really had my best interests at heart.

– Liam and Lisa Hartnett, Brisbane

We approached Sean because we liked his business model, healthy fresh and straight forward. At the time we had close to zero knowledge about how a franchise business works. We were very fortunate to have met Sean as a first potential. Sean was very honest and transparent, he took the necessary amount of time to go through all details from the finance to the operation of the business.
His approach was:

“This is how things really work, and this is why a lot of people fail…”

As opposed to other opportunities we checked after:

“This is a unique opportunity, you will be rich…” – Really?

If I were to engage in a food business, I would surly look for Sean’s help.

– Marcello Mazza

Vice President J.P. Morgan

Sean has a fantastic business acumen and he is very helpful, when I was planning to start my own salad store he exposed me to some in-depth detailed knowledge of the industry and the challenges and advantages of owning my own business, in the end I did not go ahead with it due to some financial constraints however I found Sean to be a great source of knowledge in the business and management side of the food industry.

Thanks Sean.

– Arran Pezeskhi