Restaurant Operations Consultant

A detailed independent assessment of current practises and shortfalls in existing operations and full report of changes required to amend.

Copper Pantry leaves no stone unturned in analysing each moving part of your business in an effort to identify what’s working and what’s not. Performing an objective assessment of concept, Copper Pantry can discover cost savings, inefficiencies and focus on improvements from front to back of house not excluding financials and cash flow practices.

Copper Pantry starts by assessing any operational manuals or training guidelines and recipe books in advance and then armed with a broader understanding of these systems I then spend time, on site, from pre-opening to closing, to experience the real picture and compare any written standards to reality, noting variances.

Then a detailed assessment of operations will be provided with a comprehensive list of recommendations built to boost sales and increase profits with emphasis on product quality and guest satisfaction.


  • Practical design for recipe manuals.
  • Packages for digital training manuals.
  • Detailed report of inefficiencies/irregularities to highest standard practices.

Intimate guidance and vision enabling clarity to grow.