Cash Flow Management And Administration Systems

While getting the “Pantry” in good working order is vital to the survival of any Restaurant or Café, all too often the “Copper” takes a back seat in the list of priorities.

As discussed in my philosophy page the ‘Copper’ and the ‘Pantry’ must be addressed ‘EQUALLY’ in order to succeed.

Without a clear strategy in place and a fundamental appreciation given to planning your cash flow/management you are destined to fail.

Copper Pantry will work with you to create and provide iPad friendly formulas, to help calculate “REALISTIC” fixed expenses and stock control techniques that allow you to update and monitor your weekly cash flow.

Providing you with banking systems and daily, weekly and monthly worksheets and a clear understanding of “HIDDEN” expenses like PAYG, Super and Workers compensation, to mention a few. You can stay one step ahead in maximising your cash flow.

Many Restaurant or Cafe owners fail to understand the difference between fixed and variable expenses. These must be assessed individually and looked at in relation to sales.

Working closely with my clients, Copper Pantry can create a customised template. Firstly by dissecting every not so obvious fixed expenses and making provisions to include them weekly or monthly. And secondly by creating awareness and provisions for variable expenses and your ability to monitor and alter them accordingly.

Key points

  • Planning cash flow.
  • Banking systems enabling easy fast supplier payments.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly formulas for calculations and analysis.

Intimate guidance and vision enabling clarity to grow.