Top (7) Reasons Why Restaurants and Cafés Fail

With an estimated 60% of independently operated restaurants failing within the first year and furthermore, 80% failing in the first 3 to 5 years of operation, here are my top seven reasons for why Restaurants and Cafés Fail.

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What am I really selling in a Restaurant or a Café?

Have you really thought about what you are really selling in your Restaurant or a Cafe? This blog takes you through some of my experiences running a successful health food brand in Sydney CBD. Now working as a Hospitality Consultant, I am out there to teach other restaurants and cafe's through my experiences within the Industry.

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Consulting for a Restaurant or Cafe in a CBD location

Yes the hours are appealing, early finishes and mostly no weekends with high volume. But running a cafe, salad bar or coffee shop can be harder than a restaurant.

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