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A winning dish requires little more than a balance of texture and flavour to be successful. As a DISH. To place this dish on a plate, in a bowl, in a bain-marie or anywhere else on a commercial scale requires a little more…

My Recipe

– Ingredients –

Equal Parts:
Basic Business Savvy (Copper)
Good Food Supply (Pantry)

– Method –

Combine, add a good dash of integrity and serve.

Integrity in the words you speak and in everything you touch and do. From the way you place a broom so the next person to use it does so with ease, to the way you pay your suppliers on time, so they don’t have to worry each week, right through to the way you hand your customers their change, so they don’t drop it while balancing a mobile phone, a handbag or a drink bottle.

It is such a nurturing and intimate privilege to feed someone that when executed with all-around integrity it seems impossible to not command loyalty. But integrity alone will not cut it, as they say, “ignorance is bliss,” I believe with the right knowledge and an integral attitude, it is impossible to fail.

Having spent 15 years obsessed with learning the craft of cooking in some of the toughest kitchens on this planet, I was completely disillusioned by the amount of Restaurants and Cafes that were closing continuously around me. Some I myself had moved on from and had once enjoyed the accolades they had received. This was alarming. So I then turned my attention and spent the next 13 years learning the craft of making money. Two very different skill sets and both that seldom get partnered successfully.

With 28 years industry experience, my passion now is teaching others.

I have witnessed some of the best chefs in this country lose everything, some in high foot-traffic areas like Westfield and Martin Place, Sydney. How? Poor cash management, ego and lack of attention to detail. From basic food costing errors and bad staff management to leasing, administration and over-elaborate fit-outs.

Yet one block away another food operator will have a queue 30 deep, down a cold windy laneway. How? A balance of smart business, attention to vital details, planning and of course a happy kitchen.

I believe chef’s egos lead most chefs to be artists first with business acumen a distant second. And the corporate savvy business mind can often struggle in this hectic environment. Take Gordon Ramsay, hated by some, yet at his peak maintained 15 world-class restaurants. No mean feat! How, If he is such a monster?

I have witnessed some very successful business people diverse into hospitality only for things to go terribly wrong. Some Successful showbiz personalities advising business on commercial TV who themselves have tried and failed in this industry. Why? Chef’s too blinkered by the food alone and corporate minded business men and women not understanding this unique industry.

You might not like what you hear but you will be grateful because this is a serious business. While some people have a romantic idea of owning their dream Restaurant or Cafe, the failure rate is the worst of any industry. With 2/3 failing in the first 3 years and 8 out of 10 by year 5, it’s best to gather all the knowledge you can.

My teachings are practical and personal.

My business will be your business.


Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, I failed miserably at school through pure boredom. At age 18 I witnessed a chef friend cook a thank-you dinner for my family. Our reaction to the restaurant-quality food that we had never experienced before and the passion he had showed in preparing it was a pivotal moment and I immediately knew I wanted to be a chef.

In 1992 I represented my country on the junior national Irish team at the Culinary Olympics in Frankfurt, Germany. We came second to the Canadians. Next stop Canada.

After two years In Canada working and learning mainly with Australianchefs, I decided Australia was next for me. By far the best experience for me was working in Banc Restaurant Sydney under renowned Chef, Liam Tomlin.

This was my big wake up call and here I truly learned about attention to detail. Once this level had been awoken there was no going back and it was just a matter of applying this to all aspects of my life. If you have the drive and discipline to perform at this level, sky is the limit, as the main benefactor other than you will be your customer. And happy customers are loyal customers.

I enclose my qualifications not to impress my culinary skills, as it will not be me who will be working in your kitchen every day. And this is at the core of my teaching. I list my culinary feats to show that no matter what I do, I do with complete tireless dedication, focus and attention to detail. That same focus I give all my clients, customers, and staff for that matter.

Awards and Qualifications

  • International award-winning chef (Silver medallist at the Frankfurt culinary Olympics, Germany, for the Junior National Irish team, 1992.)
  • Gold and Bronze medal at Irish National competition, 1991.
  • Two Star Michelin Training (Restaurant Patrick Guildbauds Dublin, Ireland.)
  • Five Star hotels Dublin, Canada
    • Shelbourne hotel, Dublin, Ireland
    • King Edward hotel, Toronto, Canada. (Top forty worldwide)
    • Fine dining, cafe and banquet catering.
  • Junior Sous chef. The notorious Banc Restaurant, Martin Place. 3 chefs hatted restaurant. Earning titles ‘Best New Restaurant’ and ‘Restaurant of the Year’ awards, for Australia, in 2000.
  • Co-founder of Saladworks Australia, 14 years trading.
    • A leader in the competitive Sydney CBD environment.
    • Seven stores open to date ranging from complete builds from scratch to refitting existing businesses that had vacated or gone broke. Three of these stores went from being vacant for over one year each to receiving “Retailer of the Year” awards, doubling centre foot traffic and prompting landlords to offer very attractive leases in the hope of reigniting their centres. With super healthy lease terms and contributions included as incentives.
  • Multiple Retailer of the Year awards *
    • Sun-Corp 259 George St, 2008-2009.
    • World Square, 2010-2011.
    • Piccadilly Food Court, Pitt St, 2010-2011, 2012-2013, 2014-2015.

*All being vacant tenancies with locked hoarding for over one year each in struggling centres. Before I got to work. Then each site achieved retailer of the year awards.

Intimate guidance and vision enabling clarity to grow.