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Copper Pantry comprises of a team of hospitality consultants specialising in working with Restaurants and Cafes. The name Copper Pantry derives from combining the two ingredients, I have shown, that are required to run a successful food business. Copper, representing ‘money or basic business savvy’ and Pantry, representing ‘food supply.’ I believe, these two ingredients, in EQUAL parts, are all that is required to succeed.

Our Full Story

Our services include

Lease negotiations

Explaining terminology, responsibilities, requirements and money saving tips.

Site selection

Essential due diligence and pitfalls to avoid.

New concept development

Clarifying, simplifying, planning and execution.

Restaurant and cafe design

Practical, cost effective and efficient layouts.

Menu and recipe development

Knowing you demographic and working within your abilities.

Menu and recipe costing

Understanding margins and stock control.


Banking/Cash flow. Knowing your fixed versus variable expenses.

Marketing strategies

Cheap effective campaigns to launch your Restaurant or Cafe.

Branding and brand development

Logo design and on-trend awareness.

Operations assessment

Implementing and monitoring operational systems.

Project management

Overseeing fit-out design, schedules and budgets.

Hiring and training staff

Interviewing, training and monitoring. Food hygiene, handling, waste and workflow efficiency.


Hands on expertise for pre and actual openings.

These valuable skills and personal service will guarantee you are armed with the right attitude and provide awareness to understand the undertaking at hand.

Intimate guidance and vision enabling clarity to grow.